Damy LLP

About us

Damy LLP is engaged with the world’s renowned Manufacturers, Suppliers, Stockiest and Buyers and ensure the seamless supply chain operations from the receipt of enquiry to the delivery of the products either its single item requirement or complex Project Package based Supplies covering more than 100 items.


Damy LLP operates on philosophy to provide the value addition to all of its stakeholders that is the reason to have continuous growth and expansion of the business to global markets.


Vision: To be the most preferred supply chain partner of customers in the industry with special focus and emphasis on delivering quality products & services.


Mission: Damy LLP mission is to provide efficient and effective engineering & procurement services to customers throughout the world according to their requirements by utilizing the company’s technological, managerial & employee’s skills to achieve the customers satisfaction at all with the strong commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).

Damy LLP is specialized and is able to
provide the following materials:

  • Piping Products
  • Flow Control Products
  • Structural Steel
  • OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods)
  • Oilfield Equipment/Accessories
  •  LPG Equipment/Accessories
  • Mechanical/Electro-Mechanical Equipment
  • Process Equipment
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Products
  • Heavy/Earthmoving Equipment
  • Construction Equipment and allied products spare parts.

Why Damy LLP?

The competitive advantage of DAMY over its competitors is the Package Based Supplies as maximum buyers like to procure the Package Based Supplies to avoid the wastage of cost and time involved into sourcing of different suppliers, issue various orders, arrange small payments and then separate shipments follow-ups from all suppliers that can cause the delay in project execution and risky for the critical projects & shut downs. 


DAMY by having the strategic alliances with the world’s renowned Manufacturers Suppliers and Stockiest provide the comprehensive procurement services and fulfill the complex/package based requirements by outsourcing, consolidating and delivering the materials according to the project schedules and deadlines given by the customers.

Core values

Integrity: We believe in absolute and uncompromising integrity, which is a foundation for trust, communication and living-up to commitment.


Teamwork and Respect: Irrespective of hierarchy, age and gender we support each other for achieving the individual and organizational quality objectives. We also believe in having utmost respect for each other. Our professional differences are resolved by logical discussion and mutual consent.


Professionalism: We are committed to highest standard of professionalism. We are determined to deliver outstanding performance so that our relationship with all stakeholders will be seamless and long lasting.


Transparency: We discuss issues, share information and adopt transparent policy to promote openness amongst all our employees. We are open to feedback on our performance and attitude to improve upon our weaknesses in the interest of the individual and the organization.


Change Management: We are open to accept any positive change in our systems and policies and have flexible mind to adopt these changes in the interest of the individual and the organization.


Development and Reward: Our success is based on our people, on their skills, expertise, experience, commitment and performance. DAMY expects individuals to take ownership of responsibilities, offers challenge and opportunities for continuous improvement, supports individual development and advancement, and rewards performance.


Continuous Improvement: We are committed to a process of continuous improvement in terms of quality management, operational efficiency and competitive advantage, supported by quality assurance processes and procedures, lessons learned from experience, and continuing staff development.